The Washington Times - September 21, 2010, 01:49PM

The annual defense authorization bill is not usually that exciting or controversial until lawmakers begin tacking on politicized extras to the Pentagon budget like the repeal of the military policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Don’t Tell, the pro-amnesty bill known to liberal law makers as the DREAM Act, and allowing doctors on military bases to perform abortions. 

Pro-life groups, who felt burned by self-proclaimed pro-life Democrats in Congress during the health care debate should, not start counting on this group to stop such legislation that would keep abortions from happening on military bases. 


I spoke with Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania Democrat, who describes himself as pro-life, but pro-life activists are dubious of his claim, given his vote on the health care legislation back in March, which hardly protected tax-payer funds from going towards abortions.

Mr. Casey told me on Tuesday afternoon on Capitol Hill, that he was already working through the issue of military abortions being attached to the defense budget bill.

“We’re actually kind of working through that now. We obviously don’t know what votes will take place this week. That’s an issue of concern to a lot of folks,” he said. 

When I asked the Pennsylvania Senator if he was looking to compromise on the issue, he answered:

“Well, uh no. Everyone knows where I stand on that. I don’t think we should in anyway be furthering policy that would lead to abortions on military bases, but there may be a way to work through it, but right now we’re having some good discussions at the staff level, and we’ll see how things will go.”

This attachment to the legislation did not seem like an end game for Mr. Casey. In fact, he sounded very similar back when a deal was being cut during the days of the health care debate when abortion was the key issue.  “I just don’t know where we’ll end up right now,” when I asked if it could lead him to vote against the defense bill.

Didn’t Mr. Casey run on a pro-life platform? This is hardly re-assuring to those pro-life constituents of his back in Pennsylvania.