The Washington Times - September 26, 2010, 02:55AM



Conservatives at the non-profit Let Freedom Ring have posted a web ad going after Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, hoping to raise enough money to put the ad on the airwaves in Alaska. Titled, “It’s Not YOUR Seat, Lisa,” the LFR ad uses a female voice-over to describe in a fairy-tale way how Ms. Murkowski initially secured her Senate seat through her father, former Governor Frank Murkowski, and later refused to step aside after she lost her GOP primary this election season to Joe Miller, so she could run in the general election as a write-in candidate. The ad makes Ms. Murkowski out to look like a spoiled child who fails to recognize that her Senate seat never really belonged to her but to the people of Alaska. 

The ad is certainly effective, but the next step is to start looking at some of the Republican Senators on the hill who still feel the need to support Ms. Murkowski on the sly after allowing her to remain in her position as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.