The Washington Times - September 27, 2010, 08:58PM

When Bob Costa of the National Review asked Senator Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, about the senator’s thoughts on Senator Lisa Murkoswki, Alaska Republican, keeping her committee positions, the Oklahoma Senator joined Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, and revealed to us he had voted against allowing Ms. Murkowski to keep her ranking member post on the Senate Energy Committee:

 “I voted the other way. I thought it was not the kind of thing that should happen. I don’t care if I’m a Republican or a Democrat. I’ve lost races. It’s no fun,” he said. “But when you do, if you have any loyalty to the philosophy represented by your party, in this case I think that she would…at least I thought she would, it’s not a good idea. So, anyway, I voted the other way.” 


More to come…