The Washington Times - September 28, 2010, 03:57PM

As a follow up to yesterday’s post reporting that Senator Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, was the second Republican Senator (Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina was the first) to reveal he would have supported seeing Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, voted out of her leadership position on the Senate Energy Committee, here are other GOP Senators who gave their thoughts on the matter as well. National Review has a few others on their list as well.



Senator Jim Inhofe - OKLAHOMA AUDIO

“I voted the other way. I thought it was not the kind of thing that should happen. I don’t care if I’m a Republican or a Democrat. I’ve lost races. It’s no fun, but when you do, if you have any loyalty  to the philosophy represented by your party, in this case I think that she would…at least I thought she would, it’s not a good idea. So, anyway, I voted the other way.” 


Senator Richard Shelby - ALABAMA AUDIO

“I think Joe Miller…I hope he wins. He’s the Republican nominee. I think he has wide support. I saw him on one of the TV programs, and he’s very impressive.”

When asked if he supported keeping Ms. Miller in her energy committee post, he answered, “Here we are getting out, it’s moot. It’s just moot.” Mr. Shelby was further pressed if the Senate GOP truly understood the Tea Party movement, given their non-action on this matter

“Oh I don’t know about that. You know here in the Senate we’re all friends, but my take on it is that she ran in the primary, she lost, and I believe she ought to support the ticket.”


Senator Richard Burr - NORTH CAROLINA AUDIO

“I think we’re all anxious to get elections over with. At the same time I learn my fate. We’re going to learn Lisa’s fate. I think the conference decided there should be no changes and I’m very supportive of that,” he said. “Make no mistake I was one of the first ones to send him a check. We’re going to make sure he’ll get across the goal line.”


Senator Kit Bond - MISSOURI AUDIO

Senator Kit Bond was in no mood to talk much about his thoughts on Senator Murkowski keeping her post on the energy committee, so he pretty much kept to short responses:

BOND: That was the decision.

Q: What does it say about the support for Joe Miller?

BOND: Nothing.

Q: Can’t she use this as a campaign tool, though?


Q: Have you given any money to the Joe Miller campaign?

BOND: I think we have…we’re going to.