The Washington Times - September 28, 2010, 12:43AM

As long as Rep. Alan Grayson, Florida Democrat, is so fond of his distorted attack ads, what about his own campaign ads that put himself in a good light? It appears Mr. Grayson cannot tell the truth about himself either.

Remember that political ad of Mr. Grayson’s where children were chanting, “Alan Grayson saved our schools” complete with merriment?


According Orlando’s NBC affiliate WESH, Rep. Grayson’s assertion that he “saved” public schools did not pass their truth meter: (NEWS PACKAGE)transcript below: (emphasis is mine)

Alan Grayson was sworn into Congress less than a month before the proposal to close six to eight elementary schools was even being discussed by the Orange County School Board. And his vote to approve education stimulus dollars including $2.6 billion for Florida education over a two year period was just one of hundreds in Congress.

But let’s look deeper at the hard facts. In February of 2009, sixteen schools, most of them in low income neighborhoods, were put on a list. From that list, six to eight would be selected for closure, so the district could save money.

But the school board never took a vote to close any school and according to school board chair Joie Cadle it never would have, even if the district had not received stimulus money as Grayson claims.

“I don’t think you can say any one thing made us make one decision or another decision.”

Cadle actually credits the parents of the schools, persuading school board members to look for other ways  to save money.

“Would you say that the parents were more responsible for saving their school than Congressman Grayson?”

“For my vote…yes.”

Talk about chutzpah. Mr. Grayson can’t even give his own constituents the credit they deserve for saving schools in his own district. Instead, he insults them by expecting children to sing his praises in a bizarre campaign ad 
for something he never did. How can Central Florida residents take this individual seriously if he doesn’t seem to take their work seriously either?