The Washington Times - September 8, 2010, 12:45PM

An interview that is making rounds is KMZQ’s morning host Steve Wark’s August 26 talk with Don Williams, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s former campaign manager and 30 year associate. Mr. Williams accused the Nevada Democrat of engaging in controversial activities during the leader’s political rise. 

Danny Tarkanian, chairman of 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid, listened to the interview (click here for audio) and commented, “I’m certain Sen. Reid will denounce his old friend and campaign manager Don Williams and call him every vile name in the book.  However, Williams has taken polygraph tests and the results would indicate that he is telling the truth.”


KMZQ’s host Steve Wark added, “Don Williams is a legend in the political and business circles in Nevada. He took the polygraph multiple times about this information and most folks would consider his stories about Harry Reid’s consorting with Nevada’s most famous pimp unimpeachable.  After an hour I was convinced that Harry Reid was much more effective as a whore trader than a horse trader.”

“Many of these stories fit into the Reid pattern of saying one thing and doing the opposite.  While brothels are legal in Nevada, Sen. Reid has emphatically stated over the years that he would never, ever accept money from anyone involved in prostitution.  Well, accepting brown bags of cash from Joe Conforte of Mustang Ranch fame would certainly enable him to skirt the FEC reporting requirement which would have revealed his hypocrisy,” said Mr. Tarkanian.