The Washington Times - April 11, 2011, 10:54AM



The Obama administration remains silent on what’s being called the Afghanistan “kill team.” Senior advisor to President Barack Obama, David Plouffe, ignored a question from the Washington Times on Sunday about what exactly is the president’s response to recent developments to the Afghanistan kill team story. (video above).

The President is not the only person not speaking about it. Compared to the Abu Ghraib story, few media outlets have covered the issue as well. (check out Joe Curl’s media numbers here).

Most of the media continues to ignore the alleged atrocities of the “Kill Team” despite the guilty plea, conviction, and sentencing of Army infantryman Jeremy Morlock for his involvement of the murders of three unarmed Afghan civilians. According to the L.A. Times:

Military prosecutors called the incidents “acts of unspeakable cruelty.” The defense blamed a dysfunctional Army brigade with a renegade commander.

However, as the Water Cooler noted from a piece at the Military Times, the Brigade Commander in charge of those allegedly responsible for the civilian, Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV, was only given a letter of admonition. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the Washington Times that if the acts caught in the photos were true, then what happened with the kill team was “much worse” than what happened at Abu Ghraib.

Though recent reports from Der Spiegel say that Afghan President Hamid Karzai believes the kill team incident could spark “a serious political conflict with the US,”  the Obama administration has said nary a word about the Afghanistan kill team incident and the situation is only likely to catch up with the White House.  

Political attacks against the Bush White House were leveled at not only Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld but also Vice President Dick Cheney and President Bush over the torture and abuse by guards towards detainees at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.

Considering the United Sates is planning to stay in Iraq well past President Obama’s original deadline, Guantanamo is not closed, the U.S. is still in Afghanistan, and the United States remains involved in action over Libya, the Obama White House will have much explaining to do to it’s core liberal anti-war base this election season. The Kill team story is just another reason for the liberal anti-war base to exhaust themselves defending President Obama over something similar they attacked President Bush for. 

How the president plans on garnering campaign 2012 excitement from a group like that is a mystery at this point.