The Washington Times - April 7, 2011, 10:14AM

The tight race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat between Joanne Kloppenburg and Justice David Proseer is not over yet. Justice Prosser refuses to concede after a margin of 200 votes separates him and Ms. Kloppenburg, a more liberal Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General. According to The Daily Caller:

Wisconsin citizens and election experts are questioning the veracity of the state’s Supreme Court race, which the Associated Press reports left-wing legal activist JoAnne Kloppenburg won by 204 votes over Justice David Prosser, out of the more than 1.4 million votes.

On an estimated more than 10,000 ballots in Dane County, Wisconsin, where the state capital Madison is, voters selected only a pick in the Supreme Court race, while leaving even the hotly contested mayoral and county executive choices blank. That raises red flags for election experts like Scott St. Clair of the Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank.

“This is the state that wrote the book on squeaker elections,” St. Clair told The Daily Caller. “I wouldn’t put it past somebody in Wisconsin to be selectively revealing ballots or conveniently finding ballots because this is the kind of stuff we’ve seen in the past before. I think it’s also important to note that Wisconsin and Illinois are neighbors and how they vote in Chicago doesn’t necessarily stop at the state line.”


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Drew Ryun of American Majority, a free market non-profit organization, was on the ground tracking the votes in Wisconsin. Mr. Ryun believes the political tension seen in both Wisconsin and Ohio is simply a precursor to the 2012 campaign season. 

“What you’re seeing in Wisconsin and what you’re seeing in Ohio is the public sector unions versus the tea parties,” he said. “If Prosser hangs on and wins, I am telling you, it’s the get out and vote effort by the tea party folks in Wisconsin that will in the end, I think, have won the day. This’ll be the opening salvo of the 2012 campaigns.”