The Washington Times - August 13, 2011, 08:52AM

I’ll be in Ames, Iowa on Saturday and giving regular updates of the Iowa GOP straw poll on the Water Cooler blog and on “The Big Show” broadcasting from DC’s 630 WMAL. Tune into the program (online as well) between 4pm and 7pm EST for the latest. Co-hosts Derek Hunter of Big Government, myself, and Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation will talk politics and welcome guests like “The Great One” radio host Mark Levin today.

08-13-11 - WMAL Big Show Podcast


08-13-11 - Big Show - Kerry Picket reporting live in Iowa

08-13-11 - Big Show - Mark Levin

08-13-11 - Big Show - Rep. Steve King in Iowa

08-13-11 - Big Show - Kurt Schlichter about his NY Post piece on SEALs-ploitation

08-13-11 - Big Show - Kerry Picket reporting live as the straw poll results came in


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