The Washington Times - August 16, 2011, 02:08PM


Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Independent who caucuses with the Democrats, told host John McCaslin on America’s Morning News radio show on Tuesday morning that he had not decided if he would endorse President Obama in 2012:


MCCASLIN: Will you be supporting Barack Obama in 2012 or are you going to be putting your money on a Republican candidate? 

LIEBERMAN: Well I haven’t decided and I’m just waiting to see who the Republican candidate is and what President Obama’s positions are at that point, so I got a little time as an independent not to feel rushed, because this is an important position. And I’m only one person but for every one of us who we support next year is going to say a lot about how our kids and grandkids are going to grow up in America, so I’m watching.

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Senator Lieberman appears to be losing confidence that President Obama could actually win in 2012. The Connecticut Senator also told WLS 890 am radio’s Don Wade on Tuesday, whether President Obama will be re-elected is, “an open question.”

Senator Lieberman announced back in January he would not seek another term in office. Democrats in Connecticut put up a primary candidate, liberal Democrat Ned Lamont, against Mr. Lieberman in 2006, who Senator Lieberman lost to but later won against in the general election as an independent.

Mr. Lieberman, who endorsed  Republican Senator John McCain’s presidential bid in 2008, appeared on America’s Morning News and WLS to discuss his new book “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath.”