The Washington Times - August 20, 2011, 09:44AM

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin threw out another hint as to whether or not she will be joining other GOP presidential primary candidates. Her official pac, Sarah Pac, released the above video of Palin’s last trip to Iowa. The video is essentially spliced clips from her walk and talks around the Iowa State fair with her supporters and various media outlets milling about her.


For those who were so confident Sarah Palin was not running in 2012 for the White House, this campaign style video may make them think twice for a moment. Karl Rove is already convinced Palin is about to jump in after he saw the video above and the governor’s campaign-like schedule coming up. 

Governor Palin is expected to make a big speech on September 3 in Waukee, Iowa at a tea party event where she is the key note speaker. An Iowa organizer of the tea party event, Peter Singelton, appears reportedly confident Palin will run.