The Washington Times - December 10, 2011, 10:43PM

Former Speaker of the House and GOP presidential candidate slammed fellow candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at the Iowa debate in Des Moines on Saturday when he responded to the Mr. Romney’s criticisms of him.

“His plan in capital gains, to remove capital gains for people— at the very highest level of income is different than mine.  I’d— I’d— eliminate capital gains, interest, and dividends for people in middle income.  So— we have differences of viewpoint on— on some issues,” said Governor Romney.  “But— but the real difference, I believe, is our backgrounds.  I spent my life in the private sector.”


Romney went further adding, “I— I understand how the economy works.  And I believe that for Americans to— to say goodbye to President Obama and elect a Republican, they need to have confidence that the person they’re electing knows how to make this economy work again and create jobs for the American middle class.”

Mr. Gingrich quickly shot back, “Okay.  Let’s start with the last one, let— let’s be candid.  The only reason you didn’t become a career politician is you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994.”

Romney later defended himself, saying:” And with regards to the idea that if I’da beaten Ted Kennedy I coulda been a career politician, that’s probably true.  If I would’ve been able to get in the NFL liked I hope when I was a kid, why, I woulda been a football star all my life too.” He added, “I spent— I spent my life in the private sector.  Losing to pl— Teddy Kennedy was probably the best thing I coulda done for— for preparing me for the job I’m seeking, because it— it put me back in the private sector.  I worked in the private sector, I learned lessons that are desperately needed in Washington.”