The Washington Times - December 12, 2011, 04:57PM

Guest post by TWT columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Popular conservative talk-radio host Michael Savage will announce on his show today that he is offering Newt Gingrich $1 million to leave the race. Mr. Savage believes that, should Mr. Gingrich win the GOP nomination, the former House speaker will lose to President Obama — ensuring another four years of socialist rule.
 “The Republican presidential field has come down to two candidates who have a real chance of getting the nomination: Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney,” says Mr. Savage, whose nationally syndicated show reaches an audience of nearly 10 million listeners. “While it’s true that Romney is not as strong a conservative as many would like him to be, the most pressing issue before America today is defeating Barack Obama. And that is something Newt Gingrich cannot do.”
He adds: “For weeks on my show, I have enumerated the reasons why Gingrich cannot succeed in an election against Obama.”
According to Mr. Savage, some of those reasons are:
·        Mr. Gingrich made ads with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi promoting the false theory of man-made global warming.
·        He has taken vast sums of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two of the most corrupt financial institutions in history and that played a major role in causing the economic crisis.
·        Mr. Gingrich cheated on two wives, which will badly damage his standing with female voters.
·        Mr. Gingrich this summer labeled GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare “right-wing social engineering.”


Despite his deep reservations regarding Mr. Romney, the talk-radio host believes the former Massachusetts governor “is the only candidate with a chance of defeating Barack Obama, and there is nothing more important for the future health, safety and security of the United States.”
“Therefore, I am offering Newt Gingrich one million dollars to drop out of the presidential race for the sake of the nation,” Mr. Savage said. “If Newt Gingrich loves this country as much as he says he does, if he really wants what is best for America, then he will set his ego aside, call me, and accept my offer.”

Mr. Savage stresses that the offer is contingent upon Mr. Gingrich dropping out of the race within 72 hours. Otherwise, the deal is null and void.
“One million dollars in exchange for preserving the nation, Newt,” Mr. Savage said. “I say take the money … and don’t run.”
Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute. He has been a frequent guest-host on “The Savage Nation.” You can read Mr. Kuhner’s latest column on President Obama’s middle-class war in The Washington Times here.