The Washington Times - December 5, 2011, 01:09PM

Donald Trump did not take kindly to Karl Rove’s criticism about the New York City businessman’s ego being the main driver behind a GOP debate Mr. Trump is moderating among other remarks made by the former George W. Bush White House aide. 

Mr. Trump spoke with reporters on a teleconference call Monday afternoon and responded to Mr. Rove:


“I don’t think Karl Rove is a smart person. I think he’s highly overrated. I’ve watched Karl Rove for years. He’s a man whose only after Karl Rove and he’s part of the problem of the Republican Party,” he said.

Mr. Trump wen further, “Karl Rove gets on television with his little blackboard and he shows little charts but honestly he did such a bad job with Bush in that final period of time that no Republican could have possibly beaten Obama or any other Democrat. And I say that Karl Rove was at least partially responsible, so Karl Rove is a man that is highly overrated.”

“He’s totally into himself. He’s already got his little candidate picked out and he’s trying to get that candidate in, because he can benefit in so many different ways. I understand Karl Rove. I get Karl Rove. I think Karl Rove is basically a loser…other than that I like him very much.”


Mr. Trump is currently on a media tour with his new book titled, Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again,” which is in book stores now.