The Washington Times - December 6, 2011, 04:26PM


Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh took issue with the Republican National Committee this afternoon when he read a story from Yahoo News reporting that during a private RNC teleconference call with allies and surrogates on Tuesday, A GOP pollster stressed that attacking President Barack Obama personally would not be terribly effective, considering Mr. Obama’s high favorability ratings among the public.


Mr. Limbaugh responded to the story saying, “Here we’ve got the absolute worse president in our lifetimes and the Republican National Committee apparently just had a conference call where they’re telling people, ‘Don’t say that.’ Obama is his policies.”

Limbaugh went further adding, “They [Obama and his policies] are inseparable. The man who influenced and molded him— the man, Obama, cannot be protected any longer. Look how well that worked in 2008? So what are we back to now? Not being allowed to pronounce his middle name?”

RNC Communication’s Director Sean Spicer heard some of Mr. Limbaugh’s concerns this afternoon and told me that the conference call was taken out of context in the news stories.

“Yahoo News reported on a call held by the RNC to discuss how to effectively message against President Obama to make him a one term president. As nearly all pollsters will tell you – both Democrats and Republicans, the most effective way to message against Obama is to use his record of failed leadership and failed policies against him. With approval ratings that mirror Jimmy Carter – it appears to be working,” Spicer said.

“I have reached to make sure Rush’s team fully understood the context of the call and that the RNC is 100% focused on making Obama a one-term president,” Spicer added.

“We are attacking Barack Obama and we have been. We have a monthly call with all of our surrogates from around the country. We talk about the most effective data is to going after Obama…what the most recent polling data is. So again, the entire point is how to effectively do this.”