The Washington Times - February 15, 2011, 09:56PM

Google “Obama’s Budget Blarney” and the first “result” is a Google ad that says “Cut Costs Responsibility While Growing Our Economy. Get the Facts!” and a link to The same ad appears at the top of the results on every page of the search. 



Google ad defending FY-2012 budget


It’s interesting that White House operatives or Obama surrogates are trying to use search engines to defend their indefensible and irresponsible budget, but two observations are in order:

1. The ad needs editing (“cut costs responsibility?” They must mean responsibly);

2.  When you go to the linked site there is (as of this writing) nothing loaded on that page.

Blank WH FY-2012 budget defense page


Keep trying guys.

UPDATE: The ad is now appearing in the right hand column, along with “Obama Irish.” O’bama? Must be the blarney.