The Washington Times - February 19, 2011, 03:04PM

Tea Party groups emerged in Madison, Wisconsin around the state’s capitol on Saturday to counter pro-union protesters. Americans for Prosperity, a free market activist organization, arrived with their president Tim Phillips who addressed a tea party crowd in front of the capitol. Other speakers included Herman Cain, radio talk show host and former CEO of Godfather Pizza, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, and internet activist Andrew Breitbart.


Mr. Phillips told me his group was able to organize in two days and is confident that WI Capitol police would be able to maintain order and security today. Mr. Breitbart, on the other hand, told me he is unsure about his own safety in Madison. He noted President Barack Obama’s support for the pro-union protesters.

“These people are being agitated. They the president of the United States telling them that it’s ok to behave this way. Yeah, i’m a little bit more nervous, but I’m more nervous for my country right now if they don’t stand up to this collective bullying,”

In terms of numbers Mr.Phillips told me he believes that thousands came to Wisconsin on Saturday.