The Washington Times - February 8, 2011, 10:23PM

Congressman Jerry Nadler, New York Democrat, defended Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, when I asked him if the recent undercover video stings by the pro-life activist group, Live Action, would pose a problem for Democrats who are opposing pro-life legislation aimed at removing tax payer dollars from Planned Parenthood clinics. The pro-life organization has already released six discriminating videos to date, most recently of Bronx Planned Parenthood staff, allegedly agreeing to engage in aiding and abetting in sex child trafficking crimes.

House Democratic members on the Judiciary Committee gathered on Tuesday afternoon at a news conference to cite their opposition to legislation proposed by Congressman Chris Smith, New Jersey Democrat, that would ensure that last year’s passed health care law could not include tax payer funding coverage of abortions in the in the insurance exchanges. Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, has also proposed a bill that would remove taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood clinics. Mr. Pence is citing the recent undercover videos as a reason why lawmakers should support his bill.


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TWT (PICKET): Congressman Nadler, I want to piggy back this bill on to the bill Pence bill that he is proposing to defund planned parenthood as well. This live action group… The one thats doing these investigations of planned parenthood…these sting videos…now look ABC, CBS, along with some other networks…I think fox as well. They’re covering this footage. It seems that planned parenthood has sort of changed their story a few times. Now they clearly have a problem here as far as public relations is concerned. Do you think this is going to affect the legislation as far as the way you look at it?

REP. JERRY NADLER: Well first of all it has nothing to do with this legislation.

TWT (PICKET): Yeah, sure…the Pence [bill] as well as just abortion legislation going forward.

NADLER: Well it shouldn’t. Whether it will or not, I dont know. It certainly shouldn’t. Planned Parenthood provides 3 million American women with contraceptive advice not just advice but contraceptive health services and other health services and when called upon—abortions.

An attack on Planned Parenthood is an attack not only an attack on the right to have an abortion but also an attack on the right of American women to have the right of contraception to have the right of birth control. And by the way if you think abortions are terrible you should support birth control. Not the other way around.

Now,the fact that an organization of I don’t know how many thousands of employees and hundreds of clinics around the country - you can find someone…some employee who doesn’t respond properly to this even though in most cases, in almost all cases I think, this was promptly reported to the police. They don’t show you that in the video.

So what this is an attempt to smear to propagate the notion the clearly false notion that Planned Parenthood is in the business of doing these terrible things and it’s simply not true. And I hope the American people don’t fall for it. I’m sure they won’t. I’m sure Congress won’t. And of course people who try this, if you go to any organization that you target and try to find some not terribly bright employee who doesn’t respond properly and then try to say the organization is terrible, you can target anybody to do this.

Any organization which has a lot of public contact and hundreds of thousands of people working, you can find someone who does the wrong thing if you try often enough.

And if you edit the videos, you can find more tape [with] more times when they did the right thing, but you can make it look on the tape like they did the wrong thing if you have no scruples about honesty as these people do not as they showed in some other instances too.

Planned Parenthood is clearly lashing out at Live Action with accusations that the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood staffers allegedly agreeing to aid and abet prostitutes and pimps “are clearly doctored and cannot be trusted.”