The Washington Times - February 9, 2011, 03:25PM

The American Conservative Union announced on Wednesday that businessman and attorney Al Cardenas was elected Chairman of the ACU  on Wednesday, succeeding David Keene, who held the post since 1984.

Mr. Cardenas was elected unopposed and said in a statement: 


“The American Conservative Union has a long and proud tradition of espousing and promoting the conservative goals of limited government and fiscal responsibility, and it’s my honor to do all I can to help further these worthy objectives,” Cardenas said. “I look forward to taking advantage of the new energies we see today in the conservative movement to make this storied organization even more influential in the future.”

ACU’s outgoing president lauded Mr. Cardenas, saying “Al is a perfect leader for the ACU – he grew up as a movement conservative, knows how to work with all the various component interests within the conservative coalition, and is highly respected by those who know him.”

Mr. Cardenas’s new chairmanship happens immediately preceding the opening days of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The ACU has been hosting CPAC since the conference’s beginning in 1973. 

Founded in 1964, the ACU is the oldest membership-based conservative organization in the United States.