The Washington Times - January 24, 2011, 11:27PM


Right to Life’s UN representative Jeane Head was one of six recipients of a pro-life award from Life Prizes on Saturday. Ms. Head told the audience about her work, where she works with UN member nations to keep abortion from being recognized as an international human right.



 “This is the opposition’s goal. They’ve been trying now since 1994 to do that. They would have to do it through a treaty document,” she told me.

“If they’re  able to do that in a treaty  document, all those countries that sign to ratify it would ultimately have to legalize abortion.”

However, Ms. Head cautions it is not a simple task for pro-choice supporters to accomplish this mission.

“Ultimately this is what the Center for Reproductive Rights wants as their goal—So that we cannot ban abortion in the United States.”

According to Ms. Head there is much support from developing member nations to not mandate the legalization of abortion through the UN.

 “We have countries like Malta and Ireland. We have many other Latin American countries. We have the majority of the developing countries. All of the African countries are on our side. They’re all pro -life,” she said. “Our opposition is targeting these countries now to change the law one country at a time, and they’re lying to them. They’re telling them already that they must do this because it’s an international right… it’s not true.”

Brother of the late Teri Schiavo, Bobby Schindler also accepted a Life Prize award on behalf of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network. Ms. Schiavo was ultimately a euthanasia victim in the center of numerous court battles between her ex-husband and immediate family.  

“During our battle to protect Terry’s life, there was actually more local and national disability groups that were advocating for Terry’s life then there were pro-life organizations. So this is as much of a disability rights issue as it is a pro-life issue,” Mr. Schindler told me.