The Washington Times - January 4, 2011, 10:55PM

The 112th Congress convenes on Wednesday afternoon with many fresh faces from the Republican Party ready to answer many pieces of Democratic legislation long criticized by both GOP and conservative activists alike.

Not only will a reading of the entire U.S. Constitution kick off the new Congress but House Republicans want to require that all bills and joint resolutions introduced be “accompanied by a statement citing the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the proposed law.”


Congressman Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, said the GOP was “blowing” an “air kiss to the Tea Party” with the Constitutional citation requirement.

Nevertheless, Republicans are moving full steam ahead with their agenda starting with a two-page bill that would repeal the Democrat’s 2010 healthcare legislation. Democrats are balking at a Republican attempt to repeal the health care law, calling it “fruitless.” Democrats in the Senate are expected to block any GOP health care repeal from making it the floor.

In the meantime, conservative activists are carefully watching new and veteran GOP lawmakers who promised to rein in government during their 2010 campaigns. As for grassroots organizers who compare 1994 to the new class on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist has this to say:

“Redistricting comes in two years, so every Republican in the House feels more secure about his re-election than you possibly could than after the 1994 election, where people got elected in marginal districts and had to run in them [later]. People who just got elected in marginal districts will have better cases than what they had before. And the tea party movement exerts a certain discipline that has never ever been there before in politics.”