The Washington Times - July 1, 2011, 03:56AM

The pro-life organization, Live Action hit Planned Parenthood recently regarding Indiana legislation banning Medicaid funding that could be funneled to abortion providers. According to it’s website:

The state of Indiana recently passed a bill barring state Medicaid funding from going to abortion providers. As the largest abortion chain in Indiana, Planned Parenthood would no longer receive reimbursements from the government for seeing Medicaid patients. Planned Parenthood has sued Indiana in an attempt to force Indiana to restore their government funding. The Obama administration is supporting funding Planned Parenthood and is threatening to remove billions in federal Medicaid funding from Indiana if they do not start funding Planned Parenthood again. 


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A LiveAction activist contacted a number of Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana and asked if Medicaid was accepted. PP staffers routinely responded that Medicaid could not be accepted at their clinics. (audio above)

Lifesite News reported Planned Parenthood’s response:

“We focused on helping our patients – even those posing as ‘patients’ - to find reproductive health care during the short period of time we were unable to provide services covered by Medicaid,” stated Planned Parenthood as quoted by local NBC affiliate

“We maintain, as we’ve said all along, that just because there are other providers does not mean they offer the same patient-friendly hours, are accepting new Medicaid patients or offer the same services that PPIN offers.”

Live Action found Planned Parenthood’s response “laughable” and responded:

“The basis of these rationalizations is false. In a matter of minutes, Live Action easily found numerous Medicaid providers in Indiana ready and able to accept new patients; Planned Parenthood’s own lower level staffers repeatedly confirmed other providers ‘have the same services we have.’ And most laughable is their claim that ‘patient-friendly hours’ are what set Planned Parenthood apart from the other 800 Medicaid providers in the state.”

In the meantime, the Obama administration’s stance to tell Indiana to either fund abortion or lose $4 billion in Medicaid funding is hardly going over well on Capitol Hill. Twenty-eight Republican senators have sent a letter to the White House defending Indiana’s law.  

The Indiana legislation took effect on May 10 which removed Medicaid funding from the state Planned Parenthood clinics. According to the AP, “The group is seeking a preliminary injunction to block Indiana’s law, and a ruling is expected by July 1.”