The Washington Times - July 28, 2011, 05:04PM

Freshmen House Republicans spoke to reporters on Thursday afternoon to lend support to House Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan. The GOP lawmakers also defended the party from attacks and took a number of swipes at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat for tabling the House passed Cut, Cap, and Balance bill.  



“If Mr. Reid wants to really talk about this, then maybe ‘Profiles in Cowardice’ is the book that would’ve been written about what he’s done the last several weeks,” Rep. Mike Kelly, Pennsylvania Republican told reporters, on Thursday afternoon with his fellow freshmen House GOP’ers who came out to show support for House Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan.


They called us extremists and radicals, but what we really have here doctors, nurses, businessmen, husbands, wives—we all have children. We’re all here and we all came here because we are especially concerned for our children and our grandchildren,” said Rep. Jim Renacci, Ohio Republican, as he noted his support for the Boehner debt ceiling plan. “So I’m proud to stand here with my radical freshman as we’re called,” he concluded.”

Rep. Tom Reed, New York Republican, along with others around him took issue with the remarks Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Florida Democrat and DNC Chair, reportedly made recently about the Republican Party wanting to impose “a dictatorship” by panicking the nation over the debt ceiling issue.

“How do you impose a dictatorship when all we’re asking is to take the debate to the floor of the House and the floor of the Senate and have the White House put in black and white what it’s positions are, so we can have an honest and open dialogue with the American people. We want to have that debate,” said. Rep. Reed.

“We have ideas. We’re not radical. We’re not extremists. We’re here to put solutions on the table to solve America’s problems for generations to come. We’re not imposing our will. We’re taking it to the American people the open and honest dialogue that needs to be had.”