The Washington Times - July 29, 2011, 03:10PM

America’s Morning News caught up with Congresswoman Debbie Wsserman-Schultz, DNC Chair and Florida Democrat, and asked if the President would be putting forth a plan anytime soon during the debt ceiling debate:


“The president has been working with the Republican and Democratic leadership on his plans for a longtime. There were a number of plans on the table the Speaker decided to walk away from all of it,” she said.

“When it was ready he would have distributed it and he would have put it out on the floor. Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner abandoned that and chose to go it his own way with a plan that doesn’t have any chance of passing and then has pain for the middle class and seniors and children and no balance and now we’re hurdling towards default.”

House Speaker John Boehner, Ohio Republican, revised his debt ceiling bill at the last minute by adding a balance budget amendment into it. It appears Mr. Boehner’s bill may very well pass the House at this point with this change, but passage in the Democratic controlled Senate is more questionable.