The Washington Times - July 6, 2011, 11:32PM

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, continues to hit snags in his quest. While most right of center political observers will give Mr. Gingrich his due as an intelligent individual…an “ideas man,” the Georgia Republican’s campaign for the presidency is routinely dismissed as more than long shot by both Republican activists, leaders, and former Gingrich aides.

“Newt will stop when he runs out of money, as most presidential candidates do,” wrote Rich Galen, a former top aide to Mr. Gingrich when the Congressman served as Speaker of the House, in an e-mail to me. Mr. Galen added, “He is miscast as a presidential candidate. The sooner he goes back to being the GOT (grand old thinker) of the GOP, the better he and the nation will be.”


It appears Speaker Gingrich has already ran out of money. Politico reported that the Gingrich campaign raised $2 million during the last fundraising quarter. However, the campaign is apparently heavily in red with $225,000 in the bank and $1 million in debt. The L.A. Times spoke with the Gingrich camp about the weak reported numbers and Mr. Gingrich was placed the blame squarely on former consultants and the media:

The candidate himself sought to minimize expectations over the weekend when interviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Gingrich was rocked by the departure in June of six key aides, who were frustrated by the direction of the campaign. Most of his Iowa campaign staff also resigned.

“Our numbers will not be as good as we would like, and candidly, the consultants left us in debt. But every single week since they left we’ve been cutting down the debt, and we raise more than we spend in a week,” he said.

He blamed the financial showing on a month-long “media barrage.”

“[Newt] is in la-la land, so I do not predict he bolts anytime soon,” A D.C. political operative told me on Wednesday. “He is convinced that by ‘running his own campaign’ he is being revolutionary when in fact he is making the oldest mistake in the book… gonna be very sad to watch.”

Various presidential candidates throw their hats in the ring for different reasons. Some truly believe they can attain the nomination of the top of the ticket of their Party while others act as if they want the presidency but are actually auditioning for bottom of the ticket. Some run for the Oval office to get their own pet causes and issues out on the national stage.

Gingrich does not seem to fall into any of those, though, and he may fall into his own vanity division, instead. It is important to know that Newt Gingrich has never really been a long shot even with his first two unsuccessful attempts for Georgia’s 6th Congressional House seat against a 20 year Democratic incumbent in 1974 and 1976. Those two races were very close, in fact.

However, by 1978 Gingrich won the seat by nine points when the incumbent retired and Gingrich faced a Democratic state senator, instead. The soon to be Speaker easily won the seat six times thereafter and only faced a competitive race in 1990 when he was re-elected by 978 votes.

What this all can mean is that while Mr. Gingrich certainly knows about how campaigns are won when a Congressional district is safe, he may not actually realize when a campaigns is over. Who knows? Maybe Newt knows something his friends don’t, but as of now his campaign is heading against wind and sculling the tiller isn’t helping any.