The Washington Times - June 10, 2011, 10:01AM

There is a strong possibility that the embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, is not resigning from his Brooklyn-Queens congressional seat, because he may be looking for a political after-life else where.

After New York Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace from office he resurfaced on CNN in an effort to help re-build his image. After his own scandal in office forced him out, New Jersey Democratic governor Jim McGreevey became a minister for the Episcopal church.


While no clues remain as to where Mr. Weiner could go next, a new Marist poll shows that 56 percent of his district say that he should not resign and continue to represent them. This certainly is good news for Mr. Weiner, the only problem, though, is that is his district is more likely blindly loyal to the Democratic Party than they are to Mr. Weiner himself and Democrats on Capitol Hill know this unspoken detail, which is why NY 1 is reporting:

Potential candidates for Weiner’s seat are nevertheless being floated. Among Democrats, there’s former City Councilman Eric Gioia, former Councilwoman Melinda Katz, and the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky.

The Democrats calling for Mr. Weiner to resign or be investigated are not unaware that his constituents may not want him to go, but the Party is more concerned about the collateral damage Rep. Weiner can cause in more competitive districts around the country if his story continues to eat up the 24-7 news cycle and block the Democrats’ campaign messaging. Rep. Weiner’s problems have gone beyond his district and infected the campaign operations for Democrats.

As long as his constituents remain faithful to the Democrats, the Party will ignore their opinions on whether Rep. Weiner should stay in office and run another New York liberal who is more than likely to keep the seat blue.