The Washington Times - June 12, 2011, 11:37AM

*updated with video and post rally report:



“Hey Weiner, you’re fired…. ya’ jackass,” yelled an individual from a crowd of protesters gathered in front of  Congressman Anthony Weiner’s 9th Congressional District office in Kew Gardens, Queens on Sunday afternoon.

Voters in Mr. Weiner’s district came out to demand the New York Democrat, now on a leave of absence and on his way to a treatment center as a result of his salacious online behavior with random women he met through social networks, resign from office immediately.

In the video above, Kevin Hiltunen of Bergen Beach Brooklyn said that Congressman Anthony Weiner, is a “disgrace to the 112th body of Congress and to the country.” Mr. Hiltunen bellowed to the crowd of reportedly 25 to 30 protesters:

“You need to resign for the good of the country, the ninth district—get outta’ town. Go get help and don’t come back. It’s unbelievable what this guy is doing. He’s making a mockery of this borough and this city.”

“We got three wars going on. We’ve got a debt ceiling that needs to be fixed and why is my Congressman taking shots of his genitals?”

“He ain’t about pot holes. It’s about his genitals and this is absolutely disgusting and for the delegates in the New York Congressional Districts not to say a word…the silence is deafening…deafening to our ears. How dare they hold their mouths shut when this despicable act is going on.”

A NY1 - Marist poll showed that 56 percent of his district supports the congressman, yet an AP cameraman covering the protest counted only five Anthony Weiner supporters and twenty five people calling on him to leave Congress.

 NY1 is pointing out today that as more photos and details emerge, including more Democrats calling on Mr. Weiner to resign, opinions will likely shift.

Mr. Hiltunen later added:

“How about the fact that young kids can go on a computer and now download the genitals of the 9th district Congressman Anthony Weiner? And he’s interacting with minors? Seventeen year olds? What is wrong with this?  Is it just me and everybody else here?”

“That man needs to go to re-hab. He’s got a serious psychological problem. No normal middle-age man does this kind of stuff. I don’t have a Facebook.  I don’t Twitter. When I want to talk to my friends, I talk to them face to face.”

“This is a joke. Resign today— we have tomorrow. That’s all…but resign. Resign today, Anthony Weiner. You’re a disgrace to the 112th body of Congress and to the country. You might not recognize it right now and your delegates in New York might not say anything to your face but your constituents are here to tell you that you need to get your head right ‘cause it ain’t.” 

Although Democratic leadership called on Congressman Weiner to resign from office this past weekend, Mr. Weiner shows no signs he is stepping down in the very near future, but his leave of absence may give lawmakers more time to convince the Queens-Brooklyn representative to, perhaps, not return to Capitol Hill.  


NY 1 reported previously: 

Some voters in Queens are demonstrating today for the resignation of Brooklyn-Queens Representative Anthony Weiner, as the lawmaker seeks professional help for his extensive online sex habit.

Members of the Juniper Park Civic Association say they have had a good working relationship with Weiner, but they say his recent actions and admissions show he does not belong in office.

“We worked with Anthony Weiner in the past, he helped us with things in the neighborhood. But now he’s stepped over the boundaries,” said association member Anthony Nunziato. “He really went a step too far, and this is where we’re telling him he has to step down.”

“He probably thinks this is going to blow over. It’s not going to blow over, the only thing that’s going to blow over is him. He’s got to get out now,” said Lorraine Sciulli, the association’s vice president.

Protestors are set to gather at 2 p.m. outside Weiner’s district office at 80-02 Kew Gardens Road.

Yesterday, Weiner requested a short leave of absence to seek professional treatment in light of his recent Twitter scandal.