The Washington Times - June 13, 2011, 09:23PM

@JazzShaw and here I thought the taboo question of the night would be about how politicians should be behaving on social networks @cnndebate

Cain: We didn’t have any intelligence (in Libya). It’s a a mess (in Libya). We learn from the commanders in the field.


Bachmann: Our policy in Libya is substantially flawed #cnndebate

Gingrich may not be used to this rapid fire vibe. answers come off dragging. Too much of a buzz kill

Bachmann gave solid answers on both abortion and and gay marriage. It’ll help her along with her fiscal background 

I just shoved @daveweigel on the arm for those last tweets of his, folks.

Santorum is incredibly comfortable on the religion issue. I’m not surprised he was strong on his answer 

Pawlenty looks for grassroots here that he needs on the religion issue

Bachmann makes a great reminder about Obama not wanting to raise the debt ceiling when he was a senator 

 gives classic one liner on Ryan plan 

Santorum gives strong answer on Ryan plan 

Oooh John King hit Newt where it hurts, on the Ryan budget plan 

This debate gives Bachmann the opportunity to define herself as opposed to an MSNBC Hardball editor

It won’t be about  or . Palin may have lost out here if she was thinking of jumping into the 2012 race.

In the middle of the rapid fire question and answer phase of the GOP presidential primary debate on Monday evening in New Hampshire, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, took time to announce she filed papers to run for the White House 2012. 

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