The Washington Times - June 14, 2011, 03:48PM

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the only top Democrat leader who adamantly refuses to call for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign for lying to cover up his internet sexual predator habits. President Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel have all said publicly that Mr. Weiner should resign from Congress. Mr. Weiner is on a taxpayer-funded two-week leave of absence. 

I asked Mr. Reid at a press conference on Tuesday about his lonely position. 


“Senator, you are the only top Democrat so far who has not called for Congressman Weiner to resign — the president, Mrs. Pelosi, Mrs. Wasserman Shultz — can you explain why?”

“Out of this group, as I recall in the many years that I’ve been Leader, I’ve gotten one laugh and it was relating to Congressman Weiner. I’m going to stand right there. I’ve said enough about that,” Mr. Reid replied.

Actually, Mr. Reid has not said enough because he hasn’t said anything. 

At last week’s press conference, I asked him if he thought that the New York Democrat should step down. He responded that he’s “not here to defend Weiner”. Of course, by saying nothing, the Nevada Democrat was defending Mr. Weiner staying in Congress. Last week, I tried one more follow-up question:  “But what do you think he should do?” 

“That’s all I’m going to say,” Mr. Reid replied and then turned away to leave.

Mr. Reid is correct that he made the one joke of his career last week to the same group of congressional reporters. As he was walking away, another reporter yelled out, “What advice would you give [Weiner] if he asked you?”

The normally grim Majority Leader stopped walking and turned back to the reporters and said with a chuckle: “Call somebody else.”

One joke aside, Mr. Reid’s bizarre refusal to turn against the New York Democrat makes him look either suspicious or out-of-touch with basic ethics.