The Washington Times - June 14, 2011, 02:07AM

Seven Republican candidates for the U.S. Presidency debated on Monday in New Hampshire. One thing was for sure, all the candidates wanted to see President Barack Obama gone by 2012. Here is a post wrap-up report of the debate from the “Live Free or Die” state:

Michele Bachmann shows she can spar with the big boys Until that moment Ms. Bachmann had only formed a presidential exploratory committee. She was quick on her feet during the debate by pulling various legislative facts and figures from her experience both on Capitol Hill and Minnesota’s State Senate. Liberals have continually underestimated her abilities by mocking her, but by doing so it may have actually raised her stature among conservative and tea party activists who look to not only support her but look to protect the Minnesota Republican’s image as well. 


Tim Pawlenty did not release his inner-tiger Sorry, guys. I was hoping Governor Pawlenty would take a few more swipes at Governor Mitt Romney’s MassCare plan, but it just did not happen on Monday night, even when Mr. Pawlenty was egged on by CNN moderator John King to talk about the new term the Minnesota governor made up that he called, “Obamney care.” Mr. Pawlenty stuck to the agenda that CNN laid out for the candidates on stage. Unfortunately, for Governor Pawlenty he will have to find another way to stand out, if he refuses to take Mr. Romney head on with the health care issue.

Mitt Romney is still the un-exciting front runner with lot’s of money. However, Romney may have not gained much momentum and another governor good be considering a run for the White House. Texas Republican governor Rick Perry could seriously harm Romney’s current numbers.

New Gingrich began to show he is a serious candidate, but he seems uncomfortable with the rapid fire format. Mr. Gingrich had strong answers in a number of areas, including immigration and foreign policy, but he will have a ways to go before he finds excitement among grassroots voters.

The bar was set quite high for Herman Cain on Monday night given his strong debate performance in South Carolina, but the presence of Michele Bachmann did him him know favors at the debate. The experienced conservative business executive who enjoys tea party support was over-shadowed by the experienced Minnesota conservative lawyer who declared that President Barack Obama would be a “one term president.”

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum still remain long-shots after the debate. Neither made major gaffes on Monday but huge movements forward for either one are unlikely.