The Washington Times - June 15, 2011, 11:46PM

Ann Coulter takes a whack at liberals again in her new book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America. In a book that is sure to anger left wingers, Coulter, through exhaustive research, uses wit, humor, and intelligence to explain why liberals are far more prone to be part of a mob than anyone else.

Throughout the book, she cites the father of mob psychology, French scientist Gustave Le Bon, whom liberals now try to discredit, when she points to modern day examples of liberal mob mentality. While Coulter goes as far back to the days of Jesus Christ’s casting out of demons and his crucifixion later on to show that the dangerous nature mobs were documented in the Bible, she keeps her focus on modern day personalities who whip liberals into a frenzy.


One thing is for sure, most conservatives will be able to recall their own experiences with liberals, while reading the truisms Coulter explains in Demonic. I know I did.

Below are a few key passages from Coulter’s book. I have accompanied the Coulter quotes with video clips shot from the 2003 and 2004 movie “Operation Wolverines.”  

Protest Warrior is a group of center-right individuals who would crash left wing protests, particularly during the Bush years, with some ingenious signs and banners that would drive the Left into a rage. 

**Warning -There are some graphic language and actions employed by the Left in these videos. Please know I am aware of this and want to show liberal activists for what they are…a mob.

“Liberals’ history is not this country’s history – theirs is the history of the mob.”- Ann Coulter

This first clip is solely from my video camera and perfectly illustrates the mob mentality of the Left. Here, one man is standing with an American flag and a sign showing the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. His sign has Saddam Hussein looking at the attack approvingly. His sign and flag enraged the massive crowd that pushed him off the street on to the sidewalk. The NYPD had to intervene to ensure his protection and guarantee a riot would not break out. Later on, the mob of anti-war protesters tackled someone else whose sign they did not like. 

“Many of liberals’ peculiarities are understandable only when one realizes that they are a mob. For example, a crowd’s ability to grasp only the simplest of ideas is reflected in the interminable slogans. Liberals have boatloads of them.” - Ann Coulter

Liberal sloganeering has become so predictable. These people have been using the same signs and the same chants for over fifty years now. Coulter, in her book, makes a great point that liberal chants at protests operate like TV and radio ads that get stuck in one’s head at the oddest times.

However, when the Protest Warrior group infiltrated the Iraq anti-war protests almost ten years ago with clever signs that initially looked as anti-war as any other sign in the sea of liberal protesters, no one could really tell the difference at first.

The quizzical looks on people’s faces, though, is a sight to see when a few individuals stop chanting and begin reading the signs’ fine print.

“Instead of ‘counterrevolutionaries,’ liberals’ opponents are called ‘haters,’ ‘those who seek to divide us,’ ‘tea baggers,’ and ‘right-wing hate groups.’ Meanwhile, conservatives call liberals ‘liberals’—and that makes them testy.”  - Ann Coulter

Coulter devotes an entire chapter in her book where she discusses why violence erupts exclusively from the Left while liberals get away with making up imaginary accusations that conservatives are the only physically dangerous people society should be concerned about. 

“As Le Bon says, a mob will believe it’s own myths even though they, ‘most often have only a very distant relation with the observed fact.’” - Ann Coulter

“Liberals renowned indisposition to analogies is another classic example of mob thinking. Where normal people see blinding contradictions, liberals see only placid consistency.”- Ann Coulter

The liberal being challenged, in the video clip above, for accusing a conservative protest group of racism has a difficult time backing up his accusation. His final response? “I don’t have to be factual.”  

“Liberals are like the contestants on Monty Python’s Stake your Claim, but without the sense to concede the point.”- Ann Coulter

I shot this video in 2005 for the Protest Warrior group during George W. Bush’s 2nd inauguration. I spoke to a number of Left-wing protesters who screamed out their usual “nazi” or “fascist” to the PW guys. When I asked one of the lefties why he was calling these guys nazis (p.s. He had just given me a two sentence history lecture of who the nazis were), he answered: “Oh those guys are just Republican A**h***s.”

“Mobs are particularly susceptible to myths. Le Bon says, ‘The creation of the legends which so easily obtain circulation in crowds is not solely the consequence of their extreme credulity. It is also the result of the prodigious perversion that events undergo in the imagination of a throng.’”- Ann Coulter

Coulter explores the liberal tendency to embrace crackpot conspiracy theories and the bizarre behavior of liberals that if no one else accepts their theories, there is something obviously wrong and dangerous with everybody else.

The above video shows the liberal conspiracy mindset at work. Even when cornered, the liberal still finds a conspiracy theory to prove to himself that he is correct.

There are a ton of other examples out there and Coulter’s Demonic is a fast and entertaining read. Each page is guaranteed to set off a memory of your own experience when dealing with a left-winger.