The Washington Times - June 7, 2011, 08:14PM

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus spoke to the Washington Times on Tuesday and wondered why House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat, have not called on embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, to resign after he admitted to having inappropriate online relationships with at least six women in the last three years. 


“He ought to resign for what he did. He lied to the American people. He lied to the press continuously. What he did was disgusting. The totality of the circumstances, I think it makes it pretty obvious he ought to resign, but I think the important thing here, though is, where is Nancy Pelosi on this? Where is the leadership in Congress?,” asked  Mr. Priebus. “Where is my counterpart Debbie Wasserman Schultz of the DNC to say that, ‘Hey, Representative Weiner you ought to step aside. What you did was wrong. We don’t need to spend tax payer dollars conducting an investigation about this. You got to just resign.” 

Chairman Priebus noted, “It didn’t matter if he was Republican or Democrat. THe fact of the matter is he ought to resign and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and others ought to call for him to resign and he ought to leave office.”

Mr. Wiener continues to receive cold shoulders from Democratic leadership on the hill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat told reporters on Tuesday that Mr. Weiner should not bother calling him for any advice, while Rep. Steve Israel, New York Democrat and DCCC Chair, said Rep. Weiner had “embarrassed himself, his family, and the House.”