The Washington Times - March 27, 2011, 11:37PM



New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared as Spider-Man in the annual Mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast, an event that includes mocking of both New York politicians and press alike. The show has become a New York City tradition that both former Mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giulliani have participated in. Mr. Giuliani’s most memorable appearance occurred when he performed on stage as a drag queen in 2000.

From the audience, I watched Mr. Bloomberg, wearing a suit and tie along with a super-hero cape, fly above the stage at a ballroom in the New York City Hilton on Saturday. Cast members of the Broadway hit musical Mama Mia performed with the mayor throughout the evening in scenes ranging from a 1970’s disco to the 2011 snowstorm Mr. Bloomberg took heat for over the slow snow removal earlier in the year.

In the clip above, Mr. Bloomberg, as Spider-Man, joins the full cast in the finale of the performance. He recites the famous line from the  Spider-Man story: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

It would certainly be helpful if the mayor actually heeded those words more carefully as opposed to just using them in a parody performance. Snowed in New Yorkers from last December and second amendment rights advocates would appreciate it.

Listen to the mayor in the video above as he hangs over the stage and calls members of the press an expletive as he exits.