The Washington Times - May 21, 2011, 03:21PM

A new Siena poll shows Democrat Kathy Hochul leading Republican Jane Corwin by four points in New York’s 26th district special election . Siena polling previously showed Ms.Corwin with a five point lead last month. Self-professed “tea party” candidate Jack Davis is believed to be eating into Ms. Corwin’s support. Since Mr. Davis’ arrival in to the race, the special election has usually been viewed as neck and neck between Hochul and Corwin. 

Matthew Harakal, Communications Director for the Corwin campaign responded to the poll in an e-mail statement, writing:


“Western New York voters have a clear choice between Jane Corwin — a successful businesswoman who has helped create hundreds of jobs — or career politician Kathy Hochul, who wants to continue Nancy Pelosi’s tax-and-spend agenda. When the real poll occurs on Tuesday, voters will choose the only candidate in the race who will cut spending, reduce taxes, and strengthen our economy to create jobs - and that’s Jane Corwin.”

The special election to replace former Republican Congressman Chris Lee will happen this Tuesday. Whoever is the victor will run for re-election in 2012. NY 26 will be seeing more political ads and receiving more robo-calls as quickly as they see these campaign marketing irritations go away after Tuesday.