The Washington Times - May 31, 2011, 11:36AM

I’m really digging this new Herman Cain video that his presidential campaign just released. While Mr. Cain may have stumbled on a Fox News interview regarding Israel and the “Right of Return” recently, a liberal activist with a flip cam may have a tougher time re-producing a similar result.  What other Republican candidate for office features Think Progress’s Lee Fang doing his thing with the flip cam in a GOP primary promotional video? (2:20)


The music video introduces former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza in a manner that shows he is the true grassroots candidate. Political observers have gone from secretly admiring Mr. Cain’s views and campaign style but rueing that the southern Republican had no chance against headliner Republicans to watching Cain’s star rise and start believing he may very well at least hold some important leverage in the GOP primary.