The Washington Times - May 4, 2011, 03:11PM

New details are out regarding the treatment of Wikileaks suspect Private First Class Bradley Manning. The Law Office of David E. Coombs has posted an account of a visit with Mr. Manning that should put to rest the notion that the government is engaged in torturing the young soldier.

Manning was moved to the Joint Regional Correctional Facility (JRCF) last month. He is “housed in a special area of the confinement facility, along with other pre-trial detainees. Each pre-trial area (including PFC Manning’s) has four cells, and each pre-trial detainee is assigned to his own cell.  The cells are connected to a shared common area, with a table, a treadmill, a television and a shower area.” The cafeteria at the JRCF has “multiple food selections, as well as a full compliment of coffee, juice, milk and soda.” He is allowed to use an outdoor recreation area with “several basketball courts, a quarter-mile running track, weight machines, and a handball court.” Throughout the day he is free from restraints and can socialize with other inmates. “Weekends are considered ‘free time,’” according to the report. “Unlike weekdays, PFC Manning is allowed to sleep as much as he likes.  Movies are also provided to pre-trial detainees on weekends.”


Allegedly the only torture involved is that inmates can only get basic cable.