The Washington Times - May 9, 2011, 05:21PM

During the South Carolina GOP presidential debate on Thursday, Congressman Ron Paul, Texas Republican, was asked by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace about the Texas Congressman being considered the “Godfather” of the tea party movement by a number of activists. In this pre-debate  video, he refers to Mr. Paul as the “so-called god father” of the tea party movement before the debate. 

Ron Paul suporters have jumped on the remarks as evidence that Rep.Paul is indeed the founder of the tea party movement and everybody else is simply jumping on the bandwagon a little too late to claim otherwise. 


However, Herman Cain presidential campaign manager Mark Block told me on Friday, “[CNBC’s Rick Santelli] is the father of the modern tea party movement, because he made the comment that this thing (the tea party) exploded on. I would suggest that this movement started with that rant from Rick that Herman Cain epitomizes the tea party movement more than any of the other tea party candidates that are thinking about running.”

He added the Cain camp traveled, “sixteen states and nine cities in eight days. This tea party movement…the citizen’s movement is deeper than us have any idea as evidenced from what happened in 2010, and we’re capitalizing off of it.”