The Washington Times - November 3, 2011, 02:50AM

The Herman Cain campaign launched it’s latest initiative on Wednesday night known as the Iowa Fund. The Cain campaign is moving forward towards the Iowa caucuses. According to the Des Moines Register, Mr. Cain was the leading GOP candidate in the Republican primary presidential field in Iowa over the weekend.

However, He is currently fending off accusations from the 1990’s of sexual harassment charges from former National Restaurant Association employees. According to the New York Times Cain support in Iowa may still continue to be strong regardless of the allegations:


“As the day went on, I think people were starting to look at the allegations themselves,” Mr. Jorgensen said. “I heard his response. I think it’s very credible. Matter of fact, I think it’s going to be a plus for him in the end. It was something like a character assassination attempt.”

Mr. Albrecht, who has worked on presidential campaigns in Iowa in the past, said the harassment reports don’t “look good but it’s not catastrophic. What he’ll have to do is come forward with an honest and forthright answer.”

The advantage of the caucus system in Iowa, Mr. Albrecht said, is that voters are used to hearing from candidates in an up-close and personal way. If Mr. Cain spends a lot of time in the state, he can earn their trust, he said.

Mr. Jorgensen agreed. And he predicted that — barring any further developments — Mr. Cain’s candidacy in the state would quickly be back on track.