The Washington Times - November 6, 2011, 08:17PM

In any web forum where people can give themselves any name and comment about issues, politics, religion, etc…it is interesting to see how embolden many become when they are comfortable that their true identities will not be revealed. The nastiest remarks and rumors can  often be floated in a number of social media dens and commentary spaces. 

It seems as if one of the women who has accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment from the 1990’s wants that special web anonymity in real life too. She wants to remain anonymous but also have her lawyer take shots at Mr. Cain, a Republican presidential candidate, along the way.


I asked the accuser’s lawyer, Joel Bennett, on Friday about this contradiction.

“Mr. Cain has made statements after Politico initially revealed there had been one or more sexual harassment complaints against Mr. Cain. There were at least two sexual harassment complaints filed—one by my client,” Bennett said.

“The statements that Mr. Cain has made make it unclear as to who he is talking about  all the time but he has generally said these complaints were baseless. ‘I did not engage in sexual harassment.’ And my client felt she wanted to respond to those statements in a prudent way and it’s her position that it’s most prudent for her to do it this way rather than exposing herself personally.”

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Mr. Bennett has said in a number of other interviews that his client does not want to be another Anita Hill, the lawyer who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment before his confirmation to the Supreme Court. However, she continues to tease the press to release her name by withholding information on the actual incidents and allows her lawyer to do TV interviews smearing Mr. Cain with charges that nobody knows anything about.

This sort of anonymity request by Mr. Bennett’s client is beginning to look more like an agenda than anything else.