The Washington Times - October 11, 2011, 04:20PM

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie endorsed GOP presidential candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Tuesday. Mr. Christie’s announcement did not come as a surprise to many, as donor money meant for a possible Christie run for president immediately went towards Romney when the New Jersey Republican announced last week he would not be running for president. Such a donor move hinted that Mr. Christie likely released his supporters to Mr. Romney last week. 

Christie’s endorsement is certainly a powerful one, but it may not necessarily change the demographics of supporters who are currently hoping for a Herman Cain presidency. Furthermore, Texas Governor Rick Perry is hitting at Romney with scathing web and TV ads this week that compare the Massachusetts GOP’er to Obama as well as remind the Republican electorate that Romney’s healthcare plan was the blueprint for Obamacare. 


These top polling candidates will be meeting tonight with the other Republican candidates in Hanover, New Hampshire for another debate at Dartmouth College. This will be the first time Cain is debating as an official top tier candidate, so expect more slings and arrows to be sent his way from his opponents on stage, so once again, being at the top or at the top with fancy endorsements is not always the safest thing.