The Washington Times - October 14, 2011, 12:27PM



The Occupy Wall Street protesters will not be leaving Zucotti Park on Friday for a scheduled cleaning of the area by New York City’s sanitation Department. Brookfield Properties, the owners of Zucotti Park, gave into requests of politicians to hold off on cleaning the park and have the New York City Police Department avoid a messy confrontation with the protesters, who have been camping out in the financial district for about a month.

To the delight of the demonstrators, Occupy Wall Street organizers announced that Brookfield Properties said that there were too many people in the park to contend with over the issue of cleaning the area. After the announcement was made to hundreds of cheering protesters at 6:30 am EST, many of them marched towards the New York Stock Exchange where they were stopped by New York City’s finest.

Protesters argued with one another as to whether or not they should all storm the barricades, and while a few tried to do so and failed, organizers told their crowds that there was not enough demonstrators there willing to break through the barricades to be successful. Protesters turned around and continued their march down Wall Street, where a number of demonstrators were arrested by the NYPD.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters plan on marching to Times Square over the weekend as well as marching on Chase Manhattan Bank.  According to CBS News

They’re planning to close their accounts with the bank and transfer the money to worker-owned banks and credit unions.

Part of the reason they’re targeting CHASE, according to the site, is what they call “irresponsible behavior” by the bank. That includes, according to site, sacking “14,000 employees since receiving a bailout of $94.7 billion.”

The site says the rally cry for the march will be “Move your money, CHASE’s money is our money!”
The website says demonstrators are then planning a noon rally and anti-war march to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, proclaiming “Wall Street Is War Street.”

Brookfield Properties still wants to figure out a way to clean Zucotti Park and reportedly wants to work with the city and OWS organizers to make the clean up happen.