The Washington Times - September 10, 2011, 12:56PM

New York’s 9th Congressional District special election race between Republican businessman Bob Turner and Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin is the hot race to watch on Tuesday.  A new Siena College poll has Mr. Turner leading Assemblyman Weprin by six points. The Democrats are in full panic mode at this point, and the Turner campaign is effectively counter-punching.


The video above shows a number of Turner supporters rallying for the candidate outside of the Weprin campaign headquarters and demanding that the Democrat “stop scaring seniors” over Medicare. Weprin Supporters are also out counter-protesting.

The back and forth between both groups is interesting to watch and no TV program, movie, or reality show can give a better glimpse as to how New Yorkers debate politics in the streets of the outer-boroughs. Even when “Bowzer” from Sha-na-na, a Weprin supporter, steps in Turner fans immediately blow him off. 

Going back to the formulaic messaging of rolling grandma off the cliff in a wheel-chair scenario by taking away her Medicare and Social Security, the Democrats are hitting Turner the same way they hit Republican Jane Corwin in New York’s 26 special election race she lost last spring.

However, this time around, former New York Mayor and Democrat Ed Koch crossed party lines, endorsed Bob Turner, and told his Party to “knock it off” with the Medicare scare tactics. Robo-calls to telephones all over the district played Koch’s message.