The Washington Times - September 7, 2011, 01:46PM

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) crossed party lines on Wednesday to endorse Republican candidate Bob Turner for New York’s 9th Congressional District seat over fellow Democrat Assemblyman Davd Weprin. 

According to a Turner press release, Assemblyman Hikind said:


“I am endorsing Bob Turner because he represents the values of this district. I am supporting Mr. Turner because this is a rare opportunity for all those living in the 9th Congressional District, myself included, to send a message to President Obama about his failed, disastrous economic policies and his reckless policies toward Israel. “Mr. Turner’s background as a businessman gives him a unique advantage in dealing with the major financial crisis in this country. His business acumen will be a welcome asset in trying to reduce the federal deficit. “I resent the scare tactics and code words being employed by the Democrats to frighten senior citizens and others into believing that Mr. Turner will interfere with Social Security and Medicare. Worrying seniors needlessly is beyond the pale. “I am a proud Democrat, but am not a blind one. There are times when a candidate of a different party can be more effective for the constituency. The race in the 9th Congressional District has proven to be one of those times. I am, therefore, pleased to support Mr. Turner in his bid for this seat.” 

This is the second major New York Democrat endorsement Mr. Turner has received since he announced his intention to run for former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s seat. Former New York Mayor Ed Koch also endorsed Bob Turner earlier in the campaign. 

Both the NY Post and the NY Daily News have also endorsed Bob Turrner, while Weprin received the endorsement of the NY Times. In a district that has not seen a Republican elected since 1929, the election has quite literally come down to the wire in terms of polling.

The special election for New York’s 9th congressional district will be held on September 13.