The Washington Times - September 9, 2011, 10:01AM

Republican candidate Bob Tuner who is running for New York’s 9th Congressional District just received encouraging news from the Siena College District Poll. According to the press release from Siena college: 

Siena College 9th Congressional District Poll: Turner Holds 6-Point Lead over Weprin with 4 Days To GoVoters View Turner Favorably & Are Evenly Divided on Weprin; Say Turner’s Campaign is More Positive & Weprin’s is More NegativeLoudonville,

NY. Heading into the final days of the special election for New York’s 9th Congressional District seat, Republican Robert Turner has taken a 50-44 percent lead over Democrat David Weprin, according to a Siena (College) Research Institute poll of likely 9th CD voters released today.

In Siena College’s previous poll on August 10th Weprin had led Turner 48-42 percent.Turner is viewed favorably by 48 percent of likely voters and unfavorably by 34 percent, while Weprin has a 41-41 percent favorability rating. By a 43-32 percent margin, likely voters say Turner is running the more positive campaign, and by a similar 39-30 percent margin, they say Weprin’s is the more negative campaign.


This is a complete turn around from the last poll Siena did on this race when Mr. Turner’s Democratic opponent Assemblyman David Weprin held a six point lead over Turner. A win for Turner would be a not only a loss for Democrats in New York state but also a huge loss for Democrats nationally, as the district has a majority of Democratic registered voters over Republicans. The district has not been represented by a Republican since 1923.

Bob Turner responded to the Siena poll numbers in a campaign statement: 

“Queens and Brooklyn voters of all political parties are sending a terse telegram to President Obama that they are unhappy with his economic agenda and his hostile stance toward Israel.  Today’s Siena Poll captures that in a snap-shot.   “Businessman Bob Turner is receiving strong bi-partisan support in the race, led by former Mayor Ed Koch and Assemblyman Dov Hikind, because he represents a break with the machine politics and politicians who have killed job-growth in this nation and put us into crisis-level debt.

 Voters are also rejecting career politician David Weprin’s highly negative campaign, particularly his abhorrent strategy of trying to frighten senior citizens - the strategy that Mayor Koch has repeatedly asked Mr. Weprin to ‘knock off.’ 

“President Obama and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are sending hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of Obama for America ground troops into Queens and Brooklyn to try to quell this revolt against Mr. Obama’s agenda. Judging from what we’re hearing on the street, that Washington-driven effort will fail.  The voters of Brooklyn and Queens are speaking to Mr. Obama through this contest, and they will not be silenced.”

 The special election for New York’s ninth Congressional District seat, formerly occupied by Democrat Anthony Weiner, will be held on September 13.