The Washington Times - February 11, 2012, 10:13AM

Conservatives are trying out a new strategy with occupy protesters. Rather than wait for demonstrators to show up at various right of center events, the National Center for Public Policy Research decided to obtain a five week permit that allows for the group to hold events every day in the eastern third of Freedom Plaza, another DC park where occupy protesters have set up shop, from February 12 until March 15 between the hours of 11: 00 AM and 2:00 PM. Freedom Plaza is located at 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

The first event of many — dubbed “Occupy Occupy D.C.” — will be the noontime rally on the 13th.


DC’s Metropolitan Police removed an occupy encampment from McPherson Square, located six blocks from Freedom Plaza, last week.

“We have the same First Amendment rights as the Occupiers and any legitimate petitioner has for access to our nation’s public sites. This is what makes America great,” said National Center Executive Director David W. Almasi, who is organizing Monday’s rally. “We will be making the case for economic freedom and American exceptionalism from Monday through the ides of March, sayings things that have not been uttered in that park for some time but should resonate with every American — even the Occupiers.”

According to National Center, this is the “first known occurrence anywhere in America where conservatives have successfully applied for and received a permit and received a permit that rolls back the sprawl of an Occupy encampment.”

“The ‘Occupiers’ are fundamentally undemocratic,” said National Center Chairman Amy Ridenour. “They want the public to agree to whatever it is they want, even though they can’t or won’t articulate it, or else they’ll commit crimes, infest cities with rats, cost police overtime and refuse to go away. Blackmail, essentially. We are standing up for liberty and free speech within the law. We’ll make our point, go home to beds we paid for ourselves every night, pick up our own trash, follow the law and be content that in a democratic republic such as our own, voters make the ultimate decisions, not a bunch of blackmailers.”