The Washington Times - February 9, 2012, 02:37PM

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s address to CPAC

Running for President can be one series of humiliation after another but is also educational. I learned three important things in my run for the White House. First, I learned where John Wayne was born. Second, I learned what day Elvis was born.  And third I learned [pause] to never forget the three things you learn.


This fall, President Obama will point to his success in foreign policy to make the case for his re-election. He’ll point to getting Bin Laden, to overthrowing Qadaffi, and to the Arab Spring as his foreign policy successes.  And while the world is better off without Bin Laden and Qadaffi, these tactical successes don’t compare to the mess he has made of the middle east and the strategic foreign policy blunders he has committed.  

A President’s foreign policy changes the course of history.

Jimmy Carter’s errors in Iran led directly to the rise of modern day global jihad. That changed the course of history.

Bill Clinton failed to  take out Bin Laden despite knowing his whereabouts that changed the course of history.

Ronald Reagan initiated peace through strength, and won the cold war. That changed the course of history.

When Obama chose Islamic outreach over Israel. He changed the course of history.  No president since the modern state of Israel has failed to stand by our ally Israel. Only President Obama.

Consider Egypt—the President spurned the President of Egypt when he took his first foreign trip to Cairo and in a shocking move invited the Muslim Brotherhood to hear his speech when Mubarak’s policy was to keep the Brotherhood at arms length.

The muslim brotherhood’s mission is the spread of global jihad, and their leader has called for the demise of the United States and Israel.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader has called for the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s unthinkable that the Muslim Brotherhoods spiritual leader is now acting as a mediator between the U.S. and our enemy-the Taliban in Afghanistan!

I can understand why Mubarak would not want to empower the Brotherhood in Egypt.  I do not understand why President Obama would give the Brotherhood  a seat of honor at his first foreign policy speech in Cairo.

During an interview a year ago with Bill O’Reilly before the Super Bowl, President Obama said essentially, “don’t worry”the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t a threat,  they don’t have majority support in Egypt.

Then Obama failed to stand by Mubarak and that helped fuel the revolution in Egypt, and led to a regime based on Sharia law with 72 percent of the seats in the lower house in Egypt now occupied by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the even more radical Salafist party. 

In the last year, it is reported 100,000 Christians have fled Egypt, The Israeli Embassy was over run and there are calls for ending the 30 Year Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. 

And the spread of radical Islam hasn’t been confined to Egypt, the rise of political Islam brought Sharia law to Tunisia and Al Qaeda to Libya, as I warned against earlier this year.   Not exactly your Ronald Reagan foreign policy success story. 

Obama’s miscalculations are changing history, as we are now on the verge of a nuclear Iran.

Iran is committed to both the destruction of Israel, and the United States, and is the epicenter of global jihad. That explains their commitment to developing nuclear weapons as the ultimate expression of imposing their will on the world.  Failing to appreciate Iran’s deadly nuclear goal, Obama chose the wrong side and ignored the true democracy movement in Iran, our best hope of defeating an Iran with deadly, genocidal intentions.

We credit our troops for winning the war in Iraq, at a tremendous cost, but the President recently chose, intentionally, to lose the peace. This past week the  administration announced they intend to do the same, which will likely lose the peace in Afghanistan! Unthinkable.

After a decade of effort to defeat global jihad, Obama, for the sake of his political re-election, chose to hand Iraq to the Iranians. Only Obama could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and call it “success”.

Before Obama was elected, Tunisia was a stable U.S. partner. No more.  After the elections in Tunisia, the Islamist’s took over. Obama called the Islamists elections as an “inspiration” and said he was “deeply encouraged by the progress.”

Before Obama was elected, the leadership in Egypt and Yemen, while flawed, were at least counted on as our partners.

Before Obama was elected, Israel could count on our unwavering support.

Since Obama’s election, Israel has rarely had the President’s support. Last May, he even said Israel should retreat to her indefensible 1967 borders.

In a bad case of misplaced priorities, the President thinks Israel building apartments on her own land is worse than Iran getting a nuclear bomb.

A week ago today the Supreme Leader of Iran, Khomenei, said Israel is a cancer that must be cut out. At the same time that Iran launched a new satellite and threatened any nation that tried to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions with 10 times the violence in return.

Obama’s State Department now designates Jerusalem as an international city.  In a bizarre move they won’t even acknowledge that Jerusalem belongs to Israel!  

Before Obama was elected, no one had ever heard of a U.S. President saying to the world the U.S. is not a Judeo-Christian nation, or an exceptional nation or apologizing continually for our nation.

A President’s foreign policy does change the course of history, which is why Barack Obama cannot have a second term.

We have to stand and fight for our beliefs, for the American people, and for our freedom.

We need to do this to honor the men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion for us. They’re are watching us. We owe it to them, to our posterity, and to our God to keep our republic free.

God bless you, God bless the United States of America, and may we bless God.

Thank you.