The Washington Times - January 16, 2012, 04:55PM

Despite the fact the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in two years, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has refused to take any responsibility for the matter. “Meet the Press” host David Gregory asked the Nevada Democrat why it is taking so long for the upper chamber to agree to a budget plan, and Senator Reid placed the blame on the GOP:


“We’ve spent months on things that used to happen just matter-of-factly,” said Sen. Reid. “I would hope that they understand that everything doesn’t have to be a fight. Legislation is the art of working together, building consensus, compromise.”

Although, Mr. Gregory pointed out that the House had been able to pass a budget, Mr. Reid said that Republicans in the Senate are taking advantage of minority rules within the chamber to keep a budget from passing.

The Majority Leader said, “The Senate works on consensus. And we haven’t been able to get that because the Republicans, I repeat for the third time, I want to make sure everyone understands this: obstructionism on steroids.”

Following his appearance on “Meet the Press” Sen. Reid spoke to reporters about the lack of a budget coming from the Senate. The Washington Times affiliated radio program America’s Morning News asked Senator Reid how President Obama could run on a campaign message that Republicans in Washington cannot get anything done, when the Senate that he leads has not submitted a budget for the president to sign. 

“We have a lot of, because of what we did in last August…1st of August, in effect, all of the numbers we need for this year. We don’t need to be worrying about 302 B’s and all that because we have a number, so we’re in really good shape in that regard,” he said. “As for a budget, Senator Conrad has said he is going to work with his counter-part….Sessions from Alabama.” 

Senator Reid could not give time frame as to when a budget would be produced, saying that it was all “statutory.”

Interestingly, Senator Reid needed to run inside for two minutes to warm up in the oil-heated building he was standing in front of after he talked about why he believed renewable energy companies were doing “very well” and that renewable energy companies “created thousands and thousands of jobs.” 

“We need to move more toward renewable energy. Renewable energy work that we did in the recovery act has created thousands and thousands of jobs,” he said. “Are they all perfect? Of course not. We need to move to renewable energy and less dependence on foreign oil.”