The Washington Times - January 29, 2012, 12:41PM

The Gingrich campaign’s press embeds who travel to each of Speaker Gingrich’s campaign events were left off his itinerary on Saturday night, when he was endorsed by former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Mr. Gingrich’s press bus watched the Cain endorsement via web-video stream while riding towards Tampa on the Gingrich press bus.

The trouble started when Mr. Gingrich’s press embeds refused to board a charter flight that would cost their outlets anywhere between $2000 to over $3000 per reporter. The Gingrich camp made no indication that the event in West Palm Beach would include an endorsement or special announcement. In the end, of the 20 Gingrich press embeds, only two reporters boarded the charter flight who werefrom Bloomberg News and a French television outlet.