The Washington Times - January 4, 2012, 04:29PM

Although the Iowa GOP will not release the certified vote count for 14 days, where the public can see how many votes individuals received at various caucus sites, one witness at a caucus site in Story County told me that New York City businessman Donald Trump received a little support from voters there.

Illinois native Jeff Davis and a friend of Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, who was accompanying him on Tuesday night said a father and daughter voted for Trump along with another man in Ames, Ward 2, precinct 4. 


“He voted for Trump. He spoke for him. He said that Trump has been broke. He brought his 18 year-old daughter to her first caucus, who wanted to see the process,” Mr. Davis said.

“It was him and her and another guy who voted for Trump. He got 3 votes. The precinct got roughly 300 to 400 votes total.”

In a previous Water Cooler post (12/29/11), I pointed out that caucus voters could make a case to vote for anyone:

First, according to an Iowa GOP media advisory, Iowa Republicans can vote for anyone they want, even if the person is not officially running for president anymore, like Herman Cain, for example. 
“Anybody could write down someone’s name. It could be Herman Cain. It could be Nicole Sizemore. It could be Chris Christie…anybody. So if we see that people are still voting for Herman Cain, that’s why we included it in the advisory,” said Ms. Sizemore.

According to Davis, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the precinct with 151 vote to former Senator Rick Santorum’s 63 votes. Rep. Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, received 10 votes, Davis recounted from his notes. 

“No one spoke for Bachmann, Perry. No one would have spoke for (him), but a guy ended up speaking even though it wasn’t clear if he was part of the campaign. Gingrich had someone to speak. Romney had someone to speak and Santorum had someone to speak.”