The Washington Times - July 5, 2012, 04:46PM

Songwriter and singer Lee Greenwood did not need a Rasmussen poll to tell him lyrics of his 30 year old single “God Bless The USA” polls very well with the country too. According to a Rasmussen, however, 84 percent of American adult are “proud” to call themselves Americans. Only seven percent do not feel that way and nine percent are not sure. 

It should be noted that an elementary school in Massachusetts tried to change the lyrics in Greenwood’s song back in April, so the students would not have to say the words “God Bless.” When the public found out, a huge a uproar ensued and the kids were given the option to either “to sing or not sing ‘God Bless the USA’” during a school ceremony.


This is not the first time a school has pulled a move like this recently. In 2010, A public school in California attempted to ban an American flag from a student’s bike. The school was concerned over inciting racial tension with latino student. Only after outcry from the public did the school reverse itself. 

In September 2011, a New Hampshire school confiscated an autistic boy’s American flag. The reason? The school considered the flag a “weapon” reported The Blaze.

Somehow sixteen percent of American society managed to become the regulation making bureaucrats and lawyers ready to sue the rest of the country. However, how did the rest of us 84 percent flag-wavers become “fringe extremists”?